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We are a fresh and dynamic digital agency based in Sri Lanka. With decades of experience in the industry, we love helping small businesses to get noticed and grow by providing premium web design services at an affordable price.
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Drive your business to the next level.

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Uncover a premium website with expert start-up tips and planning tools.

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Efficient all-in-one eCommerce tools to streamline order handling, shipping and payments.

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Expert tools for finding more sales and serving your customers without missing a pulse.
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Build a sustainable, accountable, and scalable business from your idea.


You hold a vision, and you’re waiting to achieve it. You’re excited to discover how to be your own boss, how to control a business, and how to succeed. You understand your imagination, and now it’s time to transform it into reality.


You checks-in when everyone else checks-out. You make the most out of each second and seek to learn from every adventure. With your enthusiasm, no-one can cease you from discovering success.


This isn’t merely a thought; this is your business. You’ve laid the effort and established it from scratch. You are aware of everything that your business demands and know how to carry it to the next step.


This isn’t the first moment that you are around the table. You’ve studied your flops, paid for errors, and spent extended hours than you imagined achievable. Your company is your child, and you’re equipped forever to guard it.
ECommerce solutions

Build a feature-rich online store that your customers will love.

One single platform that gives you the freedom to sell anywhere your customers are. Draw your products to life with our feature packed eCommerce platform.
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Responsive web design

Equally delivers a better experience for all your visitors, no matter what their device is.

A responsive website ensures that your content is set up to scale seamlessly across multiple platforms. your website will look great on any device, anywhere, at any time.
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SEO tools

Search engines are only getting smarter. make sure you're prepared for the future.

Our website and online stores are appears with a set of integrated SEO tools and helpful guides that could improve prominence among search results.
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What’s on your mind

Frequently asked questions.

What's website design in Sri Lanka?

Web design is what produces the overall look and feel when you’re managing a website. It’s the method of planning and developing the parts of your website, from structure and design to images, colours, fonts and graphics.

How to get cheap website packages in Sri Lanka?

It’s easy, our website packages start from per month 1,990 LKR onwards. Including a free SSL and CDN based web hosting, this makes the most unbeatable deal in town.

Can I move to Ampinite from another provider?

Of course, you can. all you need to do is just transfer your DNS records to ours and then you’re good to go!

I have more questions

If you want to have a chat regarding your website requirements, we’re here to assist you 24/7. We’re specialists in web design and branding and can help you pick whether Ampinite is the right option for you.
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